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Before starting Brett & Wolff, Dr. Brett served on the faculty of the University of Alabama for 30 years. His interest in Geology and Marine Science developed into a variety of projects to more safely and economically operate marine businesses. He also served as Director of Research for the College of Engineering where he oversaw proposal preparation and research development for a budget exceeding $10.million per year, along with conducting his own research programs. One research program included development of dual fueled engines (diesel/natural gas), an LNG powered shrimpboat and subsequent design studies for natural gas powered offshore crew/supplyboats for EXXON and the Santa Barbara Air Quality Board and for AMOCO in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Brett has represented the University of Alabama for several years as a member of the National Fire Protection Association's Vehicular Alternative Fuels Committee which writes the NFPA 52 (CNG) and 57 (LNG) fire safety codes. These codes cover marine as well as wheeled vehicles. Click here for a biosketch.

The partners can team with an international network of other professionals to undertake studies for clients and can utilize a large array of expertise available at the University of Alabama including the College of Engineering. The University of Alabama Department of Mechanical Engineering has a nationally recognized internal combustion engines program.


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