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         Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Brett & Wolff LLC is a consulting company that offers assistance to customers in utilizing natural gas to power heavy duty engines, benefiting from lower operating costs and reduced exhaust emissions. Services are offered primarily in the marine transportation industry, but also in land based applications such as electric load management, dredging and onshore drilling. Brett & Wolff also has experience in preparing feasibility studies for bulk transport of natural gas by land or water and in organizing refueling infrastructure for its projects.  Projects are sought anywhere a customer can benefit by replacing diesel fuel with natural gas.

Natural gas can be an economic, safe and clean burning fuel for marine vessels. Brett & Wolff LLC can help the owner/operator to evaluate modifications to their vessels required to use natural gas as a fuel and establish the most cost effective refueling infrastructure. We can also assist in marine design, construction and post-construction testing of retrofitted and new design vessels as well as provide project management and later to assist with operation management.

Natural gas offers:

  • Power that can be equivalent to diesel power
  • A cheaper fuel than diesel fuel
  • Lower engine maintenance costs when natural gas is used in gas turbines or in dual-fueled engines
  • Significantly reduced engine emissions capable of meeting EPA requirements
  • More freight or passenger capacity since natural gas has more energy per pound of fuel than either gasoline or diesel
  • Reduced noise.

Natural gas can be delivered to an engine by conventional distribution, as liquefied natural gas (LNG), as compressed natural gas (CNG) or as adsorbed natural gas, a low-pressure form of CNG. 

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